Club Rules & Constitution

This document contains our club’s rules and constitution.

( Revised February 2007 )


All members to agree with and adhere to these Club Rules and to be BMFA members for insurance cover.(except Non-Flying Members). These rules to be read in conjunction with the BMFA handbook.


NEVER SWITCH ON your transmitter without first checking that your frequency is not in use and putting your peg on the correct frequency on the peg board. Always remove your peg from the board as soon as you have finished using your radio.
Any accident caused by the failure to observe Rule 1) above renders the offender responsible, and they will be expected to offer fair compensation.
Transmitters not in use should have the aerial retracted.
Check for possible interference problems when using adjacent channels.
Pilots using a peg for ground checks and adjustments must show due consideration for those waiting to use it.
Members must not fly without a peg marking their frequency when the peg board system is being used. If the board already bears a peg indicating that frequency is in use then the transmitter may NOT BE ACTIVATED. All pegs should be marked with the pilots name.
When not flying, the peg should be clipped onto the transmitter aerial or control stick. This will act as a reminder that the peg must be clipped onto the appropriate frequency on the peg board BEFORE the transmitter can be turned ON.


All pilots to stay in a group whilst flying is in progress.
Members are responsible for ensuring all flying is carried out in a safe and responsible manner. There must be no over-flying of the flight line or members of the public, particularly horse riders. Anyone considered to be flying dangerously or disregarding the Club Rules should be reported to the Club Safety Officer or a Committee member.
Diving manoeuvres should not be carried out towards the flight line or members of the public.
Launches, landings and overshoots to be called and carried out only when safe to do so.
Landings should be made clear of the flight line and public footpaths. If your model lands some distance from the normal landing area, retract your transmitter aerial before retrieving your model.
A responsible member should check over a new members model for correct operation etc, prior to it being flown.
All club members not flying should act as lookouts for walkers, horse riders, animals and full-size aircraft, particularly hang-gliders, micro-lights and low flying fast aircraft, they ALL have right-of-way at ALL times.
Electric power must not be used at any club slope sites.
NO CLUB flying at the Culmstock site is allowed in the area of the gallops or on the North Slope.
Electric flight is only permitted at our flat field site.
New members will be allocated a frequency when joining the club.

DO NOT obstruct an access, particularly for agricultural and emergency vehicles.
NO vehicles to be taken on the moor.
NO damage to be caused to property or items e.g. fire, cutting, digging etc.
Take extra care during dry high-risk fire periods. NO LITTER in any form to be left anywhere on any site, including aircraft remnants of any type.
Ensure any gates are closed and fences left undamaged. Grazing animals must not to be disturbed. Growing grass and other crops to be safeguarded.
Rules 1) 3) 4) also apply to any other site secured for Club use e.g. Hartridge, Castle School Hall and playing fields.

The Club shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to or suffered by any member, visitor or guest, or to the property of such person, however caused or suffered.
Whether by the action or default of any individual member of the Club accidentally or otherwise, the members are understood to accept this rule and agree not to hold the Club or its members thereof liable for any such damage or injury whatsoever.


In the event of an accident involving personal injury or damage to property, all relevant facts must be reported to the Club Committee immediately.

West Blackdown Model Gliding Club Constitution


The name of the club shall be: – WEST BLACKDOWN MODEL GLIDING CLUB


To provide facilities for enthusiasts of Radio Controlled Gliding to participate in as many facets of the hobby/sport as practicable.


Open to Radio Controlled Gliding enthusiasts only. Non-flyers may become members and shall be called ‘Non-flying Members’. They need not have BMFA membership but will not be allowed to hold office. They will be entitled to vote at meetings.


The amount to be decided at the AGM and be due by the 14 th December.


The officers shall be: – The Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer. Each shall hold office for one year, and then be eligible for re-election at the succeeding AGM.


The Committee shall consist of The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
A vacancy arising during the year may be filled by a Member chosen by the Committee or by election at a Special General Meeting (Rule 14) or by a referendum (Rule 15) at the Committee’s discretion.


The Committee shall manage the Club’s business and all relevant affairs.
To have meetings as required
To authorise expenditure up to £200 (two hundred pounds) normal purchases, over which value the Committee must be authorised by the Membership at an AGM (Rule 13) or SGM (Rule 14) or by a Referendum (Rule 15)


The Chairman shall call all meetings, including AGM`s SGM`s or Referendums.
The Chairman shall chair all meetings (in the Chairman’s absence the Committee will designate a Vice Chairman for that meeting only).
The Chairman shall pass a casting vote when required to do so.
The Chairman shall ensure that all Club Meetings are conducted in a proper and orderly manner.


To deal with all correspondence within the sphere of his authority or as directed by the Committee.
To arrange to send out all notices calling for meeting of Members including: – AGM`s, SGM`s and Referendums
To record the minutes of each succeeding meeting of a compatible type.
To manage the activities of the Club as directed by the Committee and report to the Chairman any discrepancies.
To prepare a report of the year’s activities as defined in (Rule 13)
To carry out any other duties as directed by the committee.


Will help in drafting the Club’s budget, guide the Committee on all financial matters.
Will present regular statements of accounts to the Committee or to the Committee and General Meetings as requested.
To maintain an accurate record and account of the credits and debits together with the relevant vouchers.
As Rule 10c for submission to the Auditor.
Bank all the Club’s funds as instructed by the Committee at Committee Meetings and to have custody of the Bank Book.
To carry out any other duties as directed by the Committee.


To keep all members informed regarding competitions.
Arrange that all essential equipment is available for Competitions
To be responsible for all safety matters in all respects.


To be responsible for collecting membership fees and BMFA fees where applicable.
To register such members with the BMFA.
To supply each member with their registration pack which shall consist of:
Membership Card
Copy of Club Rules and Constitution
Two Club stickers
Insurance policies for those members who register with the BMFA through the W.B.M.G.C.


This meeting shall be held during late November or early December. 14 days notice, if possible and a copy of the Agenda to be sent to all Members.

Order of Business

Apologies for absence.
Approve the minutes of the last AGM.
Discuss matters arising from these minutes.
Discuss any correspondence.
Discuss and vote on the Chairman’s Report.
Discuss and vote on the Secretary’s Report.
Discuss and vote on the Treasurer’s Report.
Discuss and vote on the Safety Officer’s Report.
Election of Officers for the coming year.
Any other business.


Requires that: -

A request is made in writing to the Secretary by Five Members, stating the reason for such a request. The Members are to be notified of the SGM with at least 7 days notice and to be held within 28 days of the request.
A directive by the Committee. The Members to be notified as in 14.1.


As an alternative to a SGM, the Committee can direct that a Referendum be taken. A minimum of 7 days will be allowed for Members to receive the Ballot papers and a maximum of 28 days to return the Ballot papers.
A minimum of 75% of the papers must be returned to render the ballot valid.


A majority of votes will carry all propositions. The Chairman may use his casting vote in the event of a tie.


They may be amended at the AGM, the SGM or by Referendum. Propositions to be announced in advance.
Members will be invited by newsletter to submit proposals for changes to the rules and substantive items for discussion at the AGM; these should be forwarded to the Secretary before 30 th September.
In the event of a Referendum, a majority of 66% is required for any amendment, this amendment being effective from the Referendum, all returns having been counted.


In the event of the club being disbanded the assets shall be divided equally amongst all paid up members.